Saturday, 2 May 2015

The end of the Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four #645 (Marvel Comics)

Writers & Artists (v)

So the final issue of the Fantastic Four is here.

For the foreseeable future.....

Yes, it's true. The comic that launched the Marvel Universe has finally come to the end after a run of 645 regular issues since it's first edition way back in 1961.

Frankly the last storyline hasn't been all that impressive and if you haven't been following it the last issue won't make too much sense though I'm sure it'll appear as a collected edition. And that's been a problem for the FF for the past few years. A mix of good stories and some that are instantly forgettable. A shame really but that was reflected in the falling sales figures.

This last issue will undoubtedly appeal to collectors and some fans and hence it's one of those "over sized" issues that publishers resort to these days to squeeze that "extra dollar" from a declining readership base.

Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing clears up after the last battle.

The Fantastic Four whose first one hundred issues created the fictional "spine" around which the Marvel Universe was built was in it's earlier days one of my favourite titles.

Lets have a pictorial tour of some of the key covers:


The first issue and the coming of the Skrulls, shape shifting aliens who were turned into cows to save the world.. we'll hear about them in an upcoming review on this blog!


The first appearance of the "fantasti-car and the blue costumes in #3. The Sub-Mariner (an old Timely pre-Marvel hero) appears in the Modern MU in #4.


Doctor Doom, The Puppet Master, The Red Ghost, The Watcher.....


The Mad Thinker, The Super-Skrull, The Frightful Four.....


Galactus and the Silver Surfer!


The Kree, Him (Warlock), The Inhumans...

One of the most creative run of comics ever penned by Stan "The Man" Lee and illustrated by the late, great Jack "King" Kirby.

A feat which will probably never be equalled.

So far thee well Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm.

Better known as Mr Fantastic, The Invisible Girl/Woman, The Thing and The Human Torch.

One day you will return.

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