Sunday, 31 May 2015

DC Spotlight: Batman #214 (1969)

Batman #214 (DC Comics)

Frank Robbins  (w) Irv Novick & Joe Giella (a)

From the silver age of comics comes this odd little story Batman's Marriage Trap co-starring Batgirl. A TV competition for glamorous women has a prize no girl could turn down. A night (or should it be Knight) out with the Batman. Of course this draws the attention of one of Gothams other most-wanted   the mob.

By launching "operation monitor" they can follow Batman's whereabouts and commit crime elsewhere.

Of course there's more as gangsters moll Cleo, enters the scene with a scam.

"I represent the organisation W.E.B...Yes, Gentlemen W.E.B. Women to End Batchelorhood. We are a non of unmarried women...who wish to remove the one barrier to happy marriage in Gotham the symbol of all single male eligibles..Batman, the most eligible bachelor in town."

A nefarious plot to get Batman married and out the way?

Well it was the sixties and this is a comic book.

This was also the era of Adam West need I say more.

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