Sunday, 24 May 2015

DC Spotlight: Superman #184 (1966)

Superman #184 (DC Comics)

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The cover of this edition of Superman was the thing that attracted me to picking up a (reasonably priced) copy a couple of years back. It was one that I had seen advertised as a child but had never manged to read. One of the attractions of DC comics back in the sixties when I started reading comics was their covers. Always good and quite often misleading, but usually worth the price 10d according to the shop stamp on my copy.

The story Demon under the Red Sun was one of those quirky adventures where Superman had to get out of a fix without using his superpowers.

An astronaut claims he saw a planet zig-zagging through the solar system. Nobody believes him so our "boy scout" goes out to investigate and lo and behold hidden behind a "cosmic cloud" (don't ask) is the rogue planet.

Finding the planet is powered from inside (including artificial gravity) Supes has a wee bit of an accident which leads to the planet ending up under a red sun. As we all know Superman has no powers under a red sun.

The aliens (who seem to be human, as were a lot of them in those days) think he's a demon and set him some tasks before they execute him. Hence the cover.

With a little help he escapes and eventually comes back to earth but not before he kick starts their development with the wheel.

Other comics I'd like to get my hands on one of these days (just for the cover) include:


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