Sunday, 28 June 2015

DC War: Our Army at War #161 (1965)

Our Army at War #161 (DC Comics)

One of DC's longest running war comic titles was Our Army at War which became best known for introducing the world the the iconic Sgt Rock character. This issue published in 1965 is fairly typical fare containing Sgt Rock in the lead story with an eye on a "green" addition to Easy Company whose brother was shot for cowardice.

Add a secret Nazi multiple rocket firing position holding up the advance of the American army and you have average war story about sacrifice and redemption that would be familiar to readers of the genre both in the USA and UK.

What did differ in this particular issue was the back up story set in the Korean war. MiG Bait tells the story of a group of jet pilots who set up one of their colleagues as "bait" to draw out the reds MIG 15 fighters so they can pounce on them.

Not a safe position for any pilot to be in and our hero takes exception to the role.

Our Army at War ultimately ran for 301 issues until 1977 when it's title was changed to Sgt Rock who now had the comic to himself.

Not as well remembered as Sgt Fury of Marvel Comics (and didn't survive the war like his more famous counterpart) but many of his adventures are worth reading.


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