Saturday, 27 June 2015

DC Western: Bat Lash #3 (1969)

Bat Lash #3 (DC Comics)

Will he save the West or ruin it?

So ran the headline above the short lived Bat Lash title from 1968 to 1969. Not a comic I picked up as a kid, but certainly one that I recall being advertised across DC's line of comics around that time. So I thought it time to pick up a copy.

Bat Lash is a comedic western tale about an outlaw who is a wee bit of a womaniser and small time thief who always manages to get himself into and out of a fix. This issue was published at a time when writing and art credits were not published, which is a pity because this story is fun and has very good artwork.

Opening with the obligatory gunfight and a pretty gal pleading for his life of our "hero" shoots into the sunset only to find himself drawn to the beautiful singing of a woman in the local creek.

Yes of course he gets caught, falls in the water gets frogmarched back to her place where he awaits the return of her husband the local sheriff. Whilst waiting he befriends her gets fed then hubby comes home.

Oh dear.

Add a corrupt and somewhat barking mad judge (who thinks he's Nero), a lynch mob and the story rounds off with a bang.

Worth adding a couple of issues of this to your collection and I say that as someone who hasn't been a fan of the genre for some years.

Except for Jonah Hex....


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