Saturday, 6 June 2015

World's Finest Double Feature: #110 (1960) & #166 (1967)

Worlds Finest #110 (DC Comics)

Various (w) & (a)

This is one of the oldest comics now in my collection. Not one I would have been able to read when it was published (I'd be three years old), but did contain a story that I'd seen advertised in one of those 80 page Giants that DC used to publish in the sixties. Alas I never got that either.

However a copy came my way this week for a mere fiver in "Fair" condition, a more than acceptable grade to collect comics in if you want them to actually read rather than seal forever in plastic as some so-called collectors do.

Comics were made to read and I read them because they are great fun. But I digress.

The story The Alien Who Doomed Robin is one of those wacky alien stories that used to feature in comics back in the late fifties and sixties that are (usually) a joy to read.

And absurd.

An alien who uses his technology to shrink buildings for his exhibition comes to Earth in search of new items. Bullets bounce off but Superman/Batman & Robin team up to stop him. In the process in order to stop Kal from punching him out absorbs part of Robins life force. If Superman hits him Robin will share the pain.

How do they get out of this? With gasoline fumes to interfere with the process. No, me neither. This was 1960 and much simpler times.

Oh and there also Tommy Tomorrow and Green Arrow short stories in this issue.

Worlds Finest #166 (DC Comics)

Various (w) & (a)

The Danger of the Deadly Duo takes the reader to the year 2967 where Muto and The Joker menace our heroes of that Era.  This Superman is vulnerable to sea water instead of Kryptonite. Go figure.

As Muto commits a crime in space his loot is hijacked by The Joker. Not the one we know but his descendant. After the inevitable stand off between the two villains they discover they decide to switch adversaries. The Joker will battle Superman and Muto will go after Batman.

As trouble erupts Klar Ken T5477 switches from his secret identity to Superman.

And the adventure begins.

Worlds Finest ended some years back, but Superman and Batman continue to team up to this day.


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