Sunday, 7 June 2015

Truth: Clark Kent's secret is out!

Action Comics #41 (DC Comics)

Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder (w) & (a)

On the run, with low power levels and unable to fly or even jump over tall buildings Superman stumbles out of the wilderness into civilisation.

But all is far from well.

Clark Kent's secret is out. The world knows he is Superman.

Everyone is after him. Super villains, the police, state security and even his bank accounts and credit cards have been cancelled. Some people even want to sue him for property damage...

This is the story you thought you'd never see.

But Jimmy Olsen is still there for him and Clark's on his way home to Metropolis to the block where he used to live. After fighting red-necks and even the police he makes it but what new dangers await.

At least some people stand with Superman.... right?

To be continued across the Superman line of titles on a weekly basis. 

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