Thursday, 4 June 2015

Archie #666 The last issue(?)

Archie #666  Archie Andrews

Archie #666 (Archie Comics)

Tom Defalco (w) Dan Parent (a)

So the end is here. After 666 issues the Archie title, one of the longest running American comics finally comes to an end. Sort of.

The three chapter story takes us through the life and antics of Americas perennial teenager plus his gals and pals in preparation for the new Archie!

It's not really the end.

There's Afterlife with Archie which has become a big hit.

Afterlife with Archie #7 Collector Cover Afterlife with Archie #8

And in July there's Archie!

The new look for the modern comics world.

1 Year Subscription (12 Issues) Archie Issue #1 Pre-Order

Who would you choose; Betty or Veronica? 

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