Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The New DC: Constantine The Hellblazer #1

"Constantine: The Hellblazer #1" first look

Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 (DC Comics)

Ming Doyle & James Tynion (w) Riley Rossmo (a)

John Constantine is a bastard.

Everyone knows that, especially some of his mates who now follow him around as ghosts after they found themselves used and abused after Constantine wielded his various magics.

Everything and everyone he touches seems to get hurt so you'd think people or even demons would learn a lesson or two from his reputation.

Nah, not even Blythe as she enters a bar where our Mage is having a drink.

You just don't try to trick a trickster. Does't end well....

 Image result for DC Constantine Hellblazer 1

The relaunch of Constantine with a new number one issue is a welcome development. This version with it's quirky artwork and near Vertigo style of presentation works much better than the short lived series of (almost) the same name that came with DC's now defunct "New 52" relaunch.

Hopefully this will attract both new fans and some of the lost readers from the long running Vertigo line that ended a few years back when DC decided to make John Constantine very much a major player in their "shared" universe.

Unsurprisingly this gets a Teen + rating and pushes the boundaries of that rating just a wee bit.

Next issue, how does someone kill a ghost exactly?

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