Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Avengers #50 (Marvel UK/1974)

The third of Marvel's UK weeklies was The Avengers launched in 1973 after briefly appearing in their flagship title Mighty World of Marvel. However by the time this issue was published the Avengers were not the lead feature.

Disappointingly, but in a sign of the times Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu had become the leading story by the landmark 50th issue.

Not for long though as Shang-Chi's place was soon to be taken by Iron Fist another martial arts character.

I wasn't a fan of the martial arts genre back in the seventies or now, so neither of these stories interest me. Fortunately the comic redeems itself with reprints of Dr Strange with classic tales from the Strange Tales era of early Marvel.

The Avengers lasted for 148 issues before merging with the Mighty World of Marvel in 1976.


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