Monday, 2 May 2016

Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics (IDW)


Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics (Vol 1) (IDW)

Various (w) & (a)

The long awaited collection of Star Trek stories from Joe 90 and TV21 have finally made it to print. IDW are to be congratulated for this weighty and well produced album bringing these "lost" adventures back for not just us "oldies" but for a new generation.

This book is not cheap (£38/$49.99) but the comparative cost and difficulty of tracking down all 257 weekly issues of Joe 90/TV21/Valiant makes this an excellent buy.

As we are advised by the introduction these stories are not typical of the Star Trek we all know and love being written and drawn by people who had not even seen the TV series when this first appeared in Joe 90. That said the art work is very good and the likenesses far superior to other more "modern" renditions I've seen, though erm... references to Captain Kurt was a bit of a faux pas for the first few episodes. Spock isn't quite the Vulcan we got to know either.

Still we were all forewarned of this little problem in the solicitation a few months back.

To be honest I just really enjoyed reading this collection regardless of "faults". It's great stuff and there's no way I could afford to collect the originals as the old Gerry Anderson line of comics sell at premium rates, especially if they are in good nick.

So forget any preconceptions and just enjoy these adventures. No spoilers from me!


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  1. forgets how much comic-book/sci-fi etc 'stuff' is out there! though some of it tends to make one feel a little old at times!