Saturday, 7 May 2016

The last Eagle (1994)

The second run of the Eagle (by then a monthly) came to an end with the Christmas issue, cover dated January 1994. This bumper comic allowed for all the long running stories to be finished and not leave readers guessing the fate of their heroes featuring several episodes of Detective Zed fighting not just criminals but his chief who wants to deactivate him.

There's the final episodes of Dan Dare, and Computer Warrior, plus reprints of Doomlord from earlier issues of the Eagle plus a couple of other stories in this bumper sized final edition.

Unlike in the past the Eagle was not merged with another comic, though Max, the computer editor directed readers to other comics from the same publisher:

The name Eagle has been around for a long time. Ask your dads (grandads, too), because Eagle first started its career way back in 1950 and was a massive hit with kids of the time as they thrilled to the excellent storylines and powerful artwork.

The decision to close a comic is never taken lightly but, as comic readers, you will know there are some cool titles out there for you to read.

Football fans have Roy of the fans have 2000AD and Judge Dredd the games players have the recently launched Sonic. There's Batman Adventures, the Adventures of Superman or, if you prefer a laugh, there's a Buster Weekly to enjoy.

Should you choose to switch to one of these mega publications, Max knows that you won't be disappointed.

Farewell for now thrill-seekers. Thank you for your excellent support and keep a watch out for the mighty Eagle. Who knows, we might all meet again one day...


Not quite the end: 

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