Sunday, 1 May 2016

Giant Size Dr Strange #1 (Marvel/1975)

Giant-Size Dr Strange #1 (Marvel Comics)

Jim Lawrence (w) Various (a)

The early stories of Dr Strange appeared in Strange Tales, formerly a "horror/mystery" title which he shared with Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD. In the seventies Marvel were experimenting with "Giant-Size" editions of their comics some of which contained a mix of new and reprint material, or like this one a straight reprint of an adventure which appeared in Strange Tales #164 to 168.

Even at today's prices these editions are pretty good value and given the whole story is contained a good way of filling in the gaps of any collection. My copy (VF) was a steal at £8.75, but I would expect prices to rocket (as did Ant-Man) once the new movie is on the scene!

The Dr has saved the Earth from destruction and has been sent spinning into space by The Living Tribunal to a planet where Nebulos has imprisoned his companion Victoria Bentley.

On landing in a strange jungle Strange is confronted by a giant one-eyed slug that shoots disintegrating beams from it's antennae...

Hiding in a cave from the fauna of this dangerous new world, Strange comes across a machine that introduces his latest foe (and love rival) Yandroth, Scientist Supreme. The bullpen must have been giggling on the ganja when they came up with that one!

Despite being warned off and told that Victoria is safe (Yandroth only wants to marry her before starting universal conquest) the good doctor fights on against the scientific weaponry thrown against him.

As he gains the upper hand Yandroth throws his "ultimate weapon" against Doctor Strange, a frank;y corny looking robot with powers of destruction held in his hands. Atomic destructers apparently.

The final confrontation ( with a little help from a not-so-dead Ancient One takes place in the Dimension of Dreams. Didn't see that coming did we frantic ones.

Great story from the early days of Marvel, but did all our heroes speak out loud to themselves in such a dramatic way in those day. Yep and we loved it! Sod the minimalism of modern writing, this is a classic!

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