Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Psycho #4 (Skywald/1971)

With the success of Warren comics black & white horror magazines aimed at older readers and not subject to the restrictive comics code came competition. One of the more notable attempts to cash in on this market was Skywald who published a number of titles such as Nightmare and Psycho.

This early edition turned out to be a good read which was a good thing considering as these are not cheap. This 68 page large format comic contained a total of six stories plus a feature on Planet of The Apes.  The first story was somewhat in the vein of DC's Swamp-Thing and Marvel's Man-Thing and featured The Heap, a muck monster of their won invention.

There is in fact a one off four colour comic featuring the origin of The Heap which I already have somewhere..buried in a box and not readily located at the time of writing but here's the cover.

Other stories included Out of Chaos in which as the universe ends as a result of mankind's machinations Satan sets out to remake a new one in his image and has to face Heavens Hordes before he can confront the "third race" who are already giving birth to an embyronic new cosmos of their own. I'll have to track down #5 as this story ended at a door in space with the words "to be continued.

The other stories are the usual horror fare you would expect from a mag of this type including a rather good adaptation of Frankenstein in which you see Frankie help out freaks of nature against being exploited by the stories villain and learn what happened to the Doctor himself after he was hacked to pieces by the baying mob. Seems he lost his head...

Worth picking up a copy or two if you come across them.

Psycho ran for 24 issues between January 1971 and March 1975.


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