Sunday, 29 May 2016

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Out Now!

DC Universe: Rebirth

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)

Geoff Johns (w) Gary Frank/Ethan Van Sciver/Ivan Reis/Phil Jemenez (a)

A few years back DC comics published a universe changing story-line called Flashpoint. What emerged was a completely rebooted fictional universe with huge changes to their characters, some warranted, but many that didn't go down well with the established fan base. Over the five years or so that the "New 52" as DC re branded their line sales declined and even hardcore DC fanboys like myself quietly voted with their wallets and sales dropped.

The reasons are varied, but in my case it was simply because although there were some sterling new titles (now all gone!) I felt that I no longer "knew" these characters as I did and didn't relate to them in the same way.

It wasn't just the reboot itself after all people my age started reading DC in what has become known as the "Silver Age" which started with The Flash's relaunch in Showcase #4 (1956) until the first ever company "reboot" and one of the most famous stories in comic book history, Crisis on Infinite Earths, a 12 issue maxi-series that ran from April 1985 to March 1986.

 Comic-book cover, with superheroes tumbling away from Earth

There were two other "crisis" and a Zero Hour, mostly in an attempt to try and create a coherent continuity before DC produced Flashpoint which totally re-wrote the lot...except for a couple of inconsistencies due to tales of the Green Lanterns and The Legion of Superheroes, the latter set in the 30th Century.


Now we discover that Flashpoint was a lie. The Flash was not responsible for the change in reality. There is someone or something else out there that we have not met before (and no it's not the Warner Brothers executives).

DC Universe Rebirth is an 80 page low priced introduction to a storyline that appears to be going to take two years to run. Dc are relaunching their entire line with "Rebirth" one-shot and new number one issues except for Action Comics and Detective Comics which revert to their historical numbering. (Expect Action #1000 soon!).

The number of DC titles has shrunk and they are to focus on their big characters however these will be mainly fortnightly rather than monthly. The exceptions being the lower selling titles which will remain monthly.

Without too many spoilers this comic revolves around Kid Flash (Wally West) and brings back the core DC universe, with some mysteries to be resolved. One being the existence of three Jokers (?).

Oh and in case you didn't know Superman died (for real) in Superman #52 but fear not the Superman from the previous reality is here with his wife Lois and son Jon. Well this is comic books!

Worth reading? Hell yeah!!! 

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  1. It a last ditch attempt to get things 'right'. DC have got themselves in a right mess. Marvel are only slightly better. Far too many re-boots, alt-universes, re-starts, etc. Rebirth is just a re-boot with extras. There too many titles at the moment...and now both DC & Marvel are trying to get back readers they have lost, keep those that hanging on and I guess attract new ones? Also the amount of variants is just about making money. Ditto the fact that DC state the cover price has gone down...but now shipping titles fortnightly! Do they take their reaaders for mugs? They end up spending more...and many will question if the quality will appear/last. Older readers want stuff they can realate to from the past. New stuff is fine as long as it don't mess about (too much) with what been around for years. IMHO we don't (really) need more than one Superman...or Batman or three Jokers or more than a couple of universes. I watched the launch on YouTube and some of what they propose eems lame. I do hope (some of) it goes well...I'm happy to take a punt on no more than two titles. The first that goes 'south' I'll drop. Funny too how everything reverts to #1...except Action Comics & Dectective Comics; both of which will get to #1000 in the near future...another money-grab ploy? and a (non-)admission of past mistakes. I'll go for the Flash and Justice League rebirth titles. Though wonder what going to happen with the other two (three?) Justice League titles currently out? Wonder too if Marvel will counter this with some new stuff? Captain America defo not been a good start?! Maybe time to get Fantastic Four in the pipeline for next year. Forgive the rant...some things need saying. Anyway, nuff said!