Monday, 9 May 2016

Marvel Super-Heroes #15 (Marvel/1968)

Marvel Super-Heroes #15 (Marvel Comics)

Medusa: Archie Goodwin (w) Gene Colan (a) 
Other features Various (w) & (a)

Over the past couple of weeks I've been dipping in to the run of UK Marvels The Complete Fantastic Four. In the opening run Sue Storm has been replaced by Medusa as the fourth member of the team. So when I noticed this sixties edition in my local comic shop I just knew I had to pick it up.

Medusa was originally introduced to fans as a villain in The Fantastic Four as part of the Frightful Four led by the ever egotistical Wizard.


It was only later we discovered that Medusa was in fact an Inhuman, genetically enhanced humans hidden in The Great Refuge. Her husband Black Bolt was their King.

In Marvel Super-Heroes #15 Medusa travels to the outside world to get help for her husband so that he may speak without using his incredible power and once again gets involved with the Frightful Four.

With great scripting by Archie Goodwin and terrific art by gene Colan this is well worth the price of entry.

This comic is a giant-size 25c edition (formerly Fantasy Masterpieces) which contains a number of reprints from the forties and fifties which may be of historical interest. There are appearances by The Black Knight, the Sub-Mariner, Black Marvel and the fifties Captain America who wasn't the Cap we all know....

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