Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Bizarre Adventures #30 (Marvel Magazine/1981)

For some unknown reason Marvel changed the title of Marvel Preview to Bizarre Adventures as of #25. though the content was more or less the same. Sadly it was to only last another 10 issues but there is some interesting material to be found here.

There are four features in this issue, all science-fiction based. The main story is about a future Earth which dominates the solar-system through control of food, which can only be grown on Earth itself. Many inhabitants of other worlds have been genetically altered to work and survive in their new environments. Racism is endemic.

A rebellion is festering and Earths agents are being killed so the call goes out to Paradox, himself genetically engineered but able to maintain a human form, to find the mole disrupting security.  Will he succeed or will Earth lose it's power. Does Paradox even want Earth to win. He has a grudge.

The second feature is Silhouette, a woman who engages a rough trader to help her enrich herself under the noses of the "one true religion" led by the Pope to control the galaxy. Silhouette isn't who she seems either.....

Finished off with a frightening tale of body part control called Honour and a humour strip Bucky Bizarre (which wasn't to my tastes) this is a solid sci-fi issue from the long departed "black & white magazine genre which I for one miss.

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