Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Tarzan Winter Special 1980 (Byblos)

One of the most enduring of fictional characters is Tarzan. Created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in a series form they started appearing as books from 1912. There have been numerous novels, movies and comics ever since.

This "Winter Special" appeared on newsstands from Italian publishers Byblos in 1980 and was in fact a regular publication with other seasonal specials. The stories appear to be of European origin and have simply been translated for the British market.

Tarzan of the Apes in color.jpg

There are three stories in this issue starting with The Kigoma Massacre whereby Tarzan sets out to stop a group of white slavers from wiping out the Numkima tribe in Central East Africa. The second features Tarzan helping some gold miners against a crooked property developer in Heart of Gold.

The final feature sees Tarzan fighting a murderous giant ape in The White Ape.

All pretty typical stuff you'd expect from the Lord of the Jungle.

Worth a dip.

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