Monday, 29 August 2016

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 (DC)

Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 (DC)

Keith Giffen & Scott Kolis (w) Scott Kolins (a)

The Rebirth of DC comics goes from strength to strength as their new range of titles dominate the direct market charts produced by Diamond distributors and are now joined by another new title Blue Beetle.

Now last time we saw Jaime Reyes, the latest incarnation of the Blue Beetle he was somewhere lost out in space. Miraculously he has returned to Earth. No doubt we will be given an explanation in due course but since his title and The Hunters were cancelled due to low sales there will be many readers with no knowledge of his immediate past and anyway this issue takes us straight back to Jamie's home town of El Paso, Texas.

Jamie is the third person to be known as the Blue Beetle and both Dan Garret (the first) & Ted Kord (the second) have returned from the dead in the pages of the new Blue Beetle.

   Blue Beetle

In a straight-forward adventure we are reintroduced to the Beetle's supporting cast in this "Rebirth" one-shot. Oh and we get to meet two new villains and are reminded of an old one, very close to Jamie indeed.

Dr Fate (the new one) makes a guest appearance to warn Ted Kord that the "Scarab" which gives Jamie his powers is not what it seems. there's a surprise. Just when we though it was a product of science....

Worth picking up.


  1. I'll be surprised if all these 'rebirth' titles hold-up beyond 2-5years

  2. "Rebirth is designed to last for a two year overall story-line then we will get something else....after Dr Mahatten has finished. At least I think that's going to be the "villain".