Thursday, 4 August 2016

Tales of Voodoo Vol 3 #5 (Eerie/1970)

In order to get around the censorship of the Comics Code Authority a number of publishers went with a black & white magazine format aimed at the "adult" market. The most famous of these companies was Warren with the long running Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella titles. However there was another competitor on the block, that of Eerie.

I had heard of these but until this week had never purchased or read any of their output. Tales of Voodoo from 1970 had a gruesome cover that promised much therein and considering the era in which they were published were worth a look.

This issue contains no less than eight stories which were all pretty gruesome or disturbing in their own way, Starting with The Demon is a Hangman, the scene is set with a man who gets carried away and obsessed with carrying out the perfect hangings, but will his obsession catch up with him?

The Gutless One tells a tale of a man who cannot stand up to his father and loses the love of his life. Will he finally have the guts to be a man? And whose guts in particular one might ask!

Other stories of note include Terror Unlimited when little men give you all you would wish for what is the price to paid. The fact they had cloven hooves and horns should have rung an alarm bell. Mirror of Madness is about love jealousy and deceit. Nothing supernatural but were the plotters fate pre-destined? They certainly got their just reward.

Ending with a tale of a lonely baboon Man-Beast is more tragic than horror but what would you do given the circumstances.

Eerie published a mixture of new and reprinted material from the pre-code fifties. Worth picking up a copy or two when you find them.


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