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Blackhawk # 212 (DC/1965)

Blackhawk #212 (DC)

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First published by quality comics way back in 1941 the tales of the multinational Blackhawk team were eventually taken over by DC comics and were published continuously until 1984. This year represents the 75th anniversary of the team who regretfully no longer have a comic of their own and are currently in "comics limbo".

There was an attempt to re-launch Blackhawk a few years ago when DC rebooted it's "universe" with the New 52 but it wasn't the best of adaptations and didn't last long.

The Blackhawks consisted of Blackhawk himself plus Hendrickson, Stanislaus, Olaf, Chuck, Andre and "chop-chop". On occasion they would be joined by the glamorous Lady Blackhawk.

By the sixties the team had long stopped fighting world war two and faced the usual range of super villains, monsters and threats that were in vogue.


Master of the Mold Monster (that's Mould for British readers) the team faced a series of improbable heists committed by villains who had changed their entire appearance. The perpetrator of this wheeze was The Molder, (who would have guessed) who invented a machine to change people.

We discover that this amazing machine even changes the clothes of the man put in the machine as Thornton, having committed another robbery plans to frame Blackhawk for his crimes. For some reason Blackhawks buddies think it's a good idea to put their leader in the machine when entering the den.

Blackhawk becomes a monster. It was down to the settings.....

Of course they win through in the end and the issue finishes off with a solo tale of Chop-Chop doing his own impersonation to infiltrate a Japanese air force squadron and ends up leading a Kamikaze mission against the Blackhawks. How does he get out of this one?

Morse code from the smoke screen of course.

But this was the sixties.

Finally here's a fan-made tribute to the gang from You Tube. A mixture of cartoons and film serials the sound track is a bit variable but fun nonetheless.

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