Saturday, 6 August 2016

Weird Worlds Vol 2 #3 (Eeire/1971)

One of the shorter lived magazines published the "masters of gore" Eerie was Weird Worlds  a sci-fi based anthology that lasted just five issues in 1970/71 which was a pity really if this one was anything to go by.

There are no less than eight stories in this edition cover dated June 1971, though one, Space Rot is a text feature. Despite it's cover not all the content was actually science-fiction. There are a few horror stories but nothing to complain about..

The magazine leads with a scientists unfortunate drugs trip into his inner mind. Successful but when he returns to reality he's in for more than a wee surprise. The Evil Trip certainly lives up to its name!

The Metal Replacements which follows is one of those robots threatening the future of mankind. And those kids should leave the detritus of war on the rubbish tip where it belongs.

The remaining stories Torture Chamber, Fiends from the Crypt, The Slimey Gargoyle and The Old Cronies Voodoo are traditional horror fare. The stuff from which nightmares are made.

I do confess to rather liking Eerie's publications. I have one more to review in due course. They are not always easy to find and can be a little pricey, but well worth the admission!



  1. I love and try to collect Warren comics/ mags as well some great artwork and stories but I have never heard of this one , great find - would be good to see some interior art (if nto to cheeky to ask)

    1. I've recently developed an interest in the magazine format comics. There's far more than I realised. Eeerie publications are new to me as well. They are a mixture of new and pre-code stories. A little pricey but great stuff. One day I'll get a scanner but for now the covers are courtesy of Comics Vine. Check 'em out and thanks for your comment. I have one more to review later this week!