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Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 (DC)

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 (DC/Prestige Format)

Sarah Vaughn (w) Lan Medina (a)

One of DC's quirkier characters was Deadman created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantanio back in the sixties first appearing in Strange Adventures #205 (Oct 1967). Boston Brand , a circus trapeze artist is murdered by an assassin's bullet only to be reborn as Deadman. After spending his early appearances searching for the "one-hooked man", Boston goes on to be a player in the mainstream DC Universe, though never quite popular enough to have a long lasting solo series.

However Deadman has appeared alongside many well known DC heroes ranging from Superman & Batman to John Constantine, particularly in the short-lived but highly entertaining Justice League Dark series a couple of years ago or so. Worth tracking down those are.


The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love was a gothic love story comic which lasted just four issues back in 1971/72, before transforming into Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion for a further 11 issues until 1974 . An odd merger of genres indeed. Charlton tried the same with Haunted Love in 1973/75 but this also  lasted just 11 issues.


This new Deadman adventure brings together these two genres for a new generation in a "prestige format" for a three-issue "mini-series" and a good story it looks like being.

Hearing a cry for help Boston heads off to Glencourt Manor unaware that that Bernice who lives there can see dead people. Even more mysterious is that Boston finds himself trapped in the house by some power.

Is this a deliberate trap and why can he not possess Sam?

There is a dark danger in this mansion that none may survive as Nathan, Bernice's husband continues to suffer from mysterious headaches. And of course this being a dark story involving love, Bernice is caught between two men. Sam and Nathan.

With good writing by Sarah Vaughn and excellent art by Lan  Medina this one comic adding to your pull list.

Out now.

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