Monday, 10 October 2016

Steve Ditko on Ayn Rand, Aristotle and comic book heroes

Steve Ditko is one of the most famous comic book artists and writers of all time. His work for Marvel, Charlton and DC has led to the creation or co-creation of so many wonderful characters. Doctor Strange's early adventures could not have been presented without his distinct and wonderful art.

A recluse who refuses to give interviews (even Jonathan Ross got rejected) has a very strong philosophy and work ethic. Giving his best wherever he worked, even when with penny pinching Charlton Comics where his horror and mystery stories are a joy to read.

I came across this short video on You Tube where Ditko explains his philosophy towards comic book heroes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Ditko raises some really interesting questions about the representation of heroes.

    "Rich in superpowers, bankrupt in reasoning powers."

    I guess comics writers and artists have been chewing this one over for a while and will no doubt continue to do so.