Sunday, 2 October 2016

Showcase #52 ft Cave Carson (DC/1964)

Showcase #52 (DC)

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With DC planning a relaunch of Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye under their "Young Animals" reprint I thought it time to have a quick look at the original character who originally appeared in Silver Age issues of Showcase and Brave & the Bold but never in his own comic.

Carson also guest starred in other titles, one of which I will be looking at later this month.

Originally appearing in Brave & the Bold #31 (1960) , Cave Carson had adventures under the Earth exploring other civilisations lost or hidden within the bowels of the Earth. Showcase #52 is typical fare except this time he and his companions are kidnapped because the leader of the underground settlement is dying and wants Carson to replace him.

Oh and there's a monster to fight as well, another human explorer mutated by strange forces but still motivated by avarice threatens the peaceful way of life of the "underworlders".

Given the popularity of the "Hollow Earth" conspiracists (look it up on You Tube), there is plenty of scope for new adventures of Cave Carson. I just hope it's not the self-indulgent  nonsense we saw in the first Young Animal title the Doom Patrol which is best avoided.

Due out this month Cave Carson's new adventures await your reading pleasure....

Meanwhile pick up his old ones.....


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