Sunday, 9 October 2016

Spawn #266 (Image)

Spawn #266 (Image)

Eric Larsen/Todd Mcfarlane (w) & (a)

One of the few remaining comics from the nineties "boom & bust" period that nearly destroyed the industry is Spawn. Once a top selling comic it rarely surfaces as a best seller these days despite the involvement of top talent and creator Todd McFarlane. I have to confess it's quite a while since I've picked up a copy of Spawn but being a fan of "crossovers" I ordered this (and the issue of Savage Dragon that goes with it) from Previews out of interest.

What I wasn't aware of and you should be if you head off to your local comic shop to pick up a copy is that this issue is in the middle of story arc that began some issues ago. There's a new war on Earth and Ant tells Spawn they need allies. Enter the Savage Dragon.


Now I last picked up the 200th anniversary issue of Savage Dragon so the Dragon here is the son not the original. Where Dragon's gone is a mystery to me... but hey this is comics and there's the added bonus of Ant appearing whose short lived comics run I did collect.


The story as picked up in this issue is straightforward enough Spawn, Dragon and Ant confront Monstress and err..her monsters, get a bit battered but obviously win the day.

Entertaining enough but not enough to make me a regular reader of either Spawn or the Dragon. I'd pick up a new series of Ant though.

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