Monday, 24 October 2016

Worlds Finest #263 (DC/1980)

One of the titles DC chose for it's "Dollar Comic" format back in the late seventies was World's Finest, the long running Batman/Superman comic. A good choice as the two superheroes were the big sellers from DC and the larger format allowed for the inclusion of other characters in solo adventures who remained without their own comic.

For the most part these were rotating so although Shazam appeared in most, others included in this run were Ditko's Creeper, Adam Strange, Hawkman, Black Canary and Black Lightning. Also appearing were Green Arrow and the much under-rated and underused Zatanna.

Something for everyone. Did I mention Aquaman?


The stories were pretty much standard fare for DC but were enjoyable, though this being an anthology title I can't say every story was a winner. I was generally underwhelmed by Green Arrow, but then wasn't a great fan of his at the time.

The lead story in this issue was a rather sad one and poignant given that these days both Bruce and Clark have sons. Final Secret of the Super-Sons who had often featured in so-called "imaginary stories had a shocking end given their presence in the real world caused disasters.

In place of Shazam! was Captain Marvel Junior who faced up to a group of super-villains that were aging pensioners and after his secret of youth given neither he not Billy Batson had aged in all the time they were in clinky.

These Shazam family adventures were always a highlight for me. When they are done right they really work. Hopefully something will happen in the next wave of DC's current rebirth.

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