Saturday, 15 October 2016

Stalker #1 (DC/1975)

Stalker #1 (DC)

Paul Levitz (w) Steve Ditko & Wally Wood (a)

One of a number of short-lived DC series in the seventies was Stalker. A tale of a child who kicked out by his "father" (it's not clear what the actual relationship may have been) he survives only to be tricked into slavery by an evil Baroness.

Here after a while rebels against his treatment as a serf and rebels only to face punishment from which he luckily escapes only to be tricked again by the demon Dgrth who in return for giving him warrior prowess takes his soul as payment.

However the price is far too high. Knowing neither joy not satisfaction this soulless man now swears revenge on those who have wronged him.

The Stalker is born .

Lasting just four issues (of which I have the first two) Stalker swears the Baroness will die at his hands in one year and then sets off to reclaim his soul.

Set in a medieval world that is not Earth, this is quite an entertaining little series but went very quickly the way of cancellation despite having top talents involved.

Worth collecting. I'll certainly pick up the final two issues, this is a quite inexpensive comic to purchase. Pity there weren't more.....


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