Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Unknown Soldier #250 (DC/1981)

The Unknown Soldier #250 (DC)

Bob Haney (w) Dick Ayers & Gerry Talaoc (a)

The 250th anniversary issue of The Unknown Soldier was a spectacular story that saw our hero turn traitor and ally himself as a personal favourite of Adolf Hitler in his bid for world conquest. The other DC war heroes did not take to this very kindly and everyone sets out to kill him.

Those sent against him include The Haunted Tank, Captain Storm, Johnny Cloud, Madame Sevrin and of course Sgt Rock.

At the same time Herr Himmler didn't trust the bandaged man, with good reason. Did you really think our hero had turned traitor!



The Unknown Soldier first appeared in Our Army at War #168 (June/1966) and went on to star in his own series starting in Star Spangled War Stories #151 (July/1970) until the title was changed and The Unknown Soldier had his own comic.

Sadly the era of war comics was coming to an end. The last issue of The Unknown Soldier was published just 18 months later.


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