Sunday, 19 July 2015

Buster Holiday Fun Special (1974)

When I saw this comic in my local comic shop I just had to buy it as this was published in the year I left school. God was it that long ago. Buster was one of those comics that I had been reading on and off for as far back as I can remember and was always a favourite.

The star of the comic was of course Buster himself originally billed as the "son of Andy Capp" a strip in the Daily Mirror about a drunken wife beating layabout which is probably why as time went on they quietly dropped the connection, though I do recall being given collections of Andy Capp without a second thought by relatives at birthdays and Christmas.

Summer Specials of any British comic seem to be difficult to obtain and disappear off the shelves as soon as they arrive, so if you get a chance pick one of these up you will not be disappointed.

Containing a mixture of humour and adventure strips this issue kicks off with Clever Dick, Sam Sunn and his daft dog Bonehead before getting into the first adventure with Sammy Brewster's Ski-Board Squad. Only a British comic could come up with that one!

However the strip that reoccurs more than even Buster himself is err.. Rent a Ghost. Remember that? A story based on a TV series that caught our attention way back then.

You also get to read Charlie Peace (a Victorian street criminal), there's Sci-fi with Galaxus which I have fond memories of and the rather charming Pete's Pocket Army. Mini aliens if you don't recall the content.

These specials were actually quite a good value read, with this one having 80 pages of fun and adventure!


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