Sunday, 5 July 2015

Whizzer and Chips (1970)

The idea of putting "two comics in one" was a bit of wheeze for IPC when they launched this title in 1969.  Whizzer was on the outside with a "pullout" of Chips inside, though no one I knew ever did that!

Whizzer and Chips was a great title for us kids in the seventies full of fun strips and a couple of adventure stories each week.

The cover of Whizzer featured Sid's Snake who got into (and out of) all sorts of scrapes. With other strips like The Champ, the rather bizarre Oddball, Me and my Shadow, Jimmy Jeckle and Master Hyde, The Mummy's Curse and Slowcoach.  A real treat as they used to say.


Whizzer also featured adventure strips like Kings of the Castle and The Perils of Paul White for added excitement... well they are quite quaint by today's standards, but we were entertained at a time when there were just three TV channels, no computers or mobile phones and the most sophisticated children's toys were Tri-ang Trains and Scaletric!

We also had Vesta dried meals... anyone remember eating those. They were disgusting I seem to recall!

There was always a bit of fun rivalry between the two supposedly separate titles.

Chips contained stars like Shiner (who always managed to have a black eye), Space School, Harry's Haunted House, Super Dad (yeah a "superhero parody" of sorts) and the obligatory witches in The Scaries of St Marys'. 

Adventure was provided by Wonder Car and Willie Blink, the latter having "an amazing pair of specs" which he used to help others.

Whizzer and Chips ran until 1990 making it Fleetway's second longest running title. Along the way it absorbed Knockout, Crazy and Whoppee until the inevitable axe dropped and it was merged with Buster.

The annuals lasted until 1994.

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  1. WOW! I thought Whizzer n' Chips ended in the mid seventies!