Monday, 27 July 2015

Buster and Jet (1971)

Buster was one of the longest running titles published by IPC/Fleetway and as a result absorbed many other titles in it's 40 year existence. Unlike most other British comics which where either all humour or all adventure, Buster was always (until it's latter days a mixture of both. A factor that probably contributed to it's longevity.

I started reading Buster back in the mid sixties and always will remember him as the "son of Andy Capp" even if that had been long dropped, but by the seventies had lost interest so picking up early copies of this combined comic was an adventure.

First I had to try out a copy of Jet another short lived title lasting a mere 18 issues in early 1971, which frankly is a pity because I found the content of this comic rather good.

The excellent Von Hoffman's Invasion started off in Jet and made it to the combined title, as did the Sudworth Sloggers, The Kids of Stalag 41 and Faceache.

The features from Buster included Rent-A-Ghost Ltd, Fishboy, Galaxus and the long running Charlie Peace amongst others.(Charlie seems to have travelled in time to the seventies which was interesting).

I'll have a look at earlier issues of Buster some time as I remember features based on TV comedians like Charlie Drake, Harry Secombe and others.


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