Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cor!! (1970)

Cor!! was one of those humour titles that dominated the British comics market for many years, all sadly gone now. This comic was first published in June 1970, just before I began secondary school and one I recall reading not because I liked it but because the free gift that came with it (a powdered fruit drink) turned out to be disgusting or so I remember.

A year or so ago I managed to pick up a copy of the first issue (sans free gift) in "fair" condition for twenty quid. The most I've ever spent on a British comic, but well worth the price of entry. I understand a copy that still had the free gift attached was sold on e-bay for several hundred pounds. Guess they won't be trying it out though, it'll be over 40 years past it's sell by date!

Gus Gorilla was the front page feature of Cor!! for the years I bought it, but The Gasworks Gang, Whacky (see below), Hire a Horror, Andy's Ants and Barney's Brain Box were just some of the features that gave us kids a giggle.

There were also a couple of two-page adventure stories Kid Chameleon and  Four Alone on the Abandoned Island, though it was always the humour strips that were the main attraction.


Cor!! appeared in age where the British comics market was beginning to decline and lasted four years and 210 issues, though the Annuals continued to be published way beyond the parent comics demise.

Eventually declining sales led to a merger with Buster with that immortal saying "The best of two great comics inside". I think the long running Buster absorbed more comics than any other title in it's 40 year history.

Fun while it lasted, worth picking up a copy or two. Most issues are quite reasonably priced if you can find them.

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