Thursday, 9 July 2015

Marvel Flashback: Son of Satan (1973)

Marvel Spotlight on The Son of Satan #12 (Marvel Comics)

Gary Friederich (w) Heb Trimpe (a)

The relaxation of the censorious Comics Code Authority in the seventies allowed Marvel to start publishing a wide range of horror comics. Some of which these were based on traditional monsters such as Dracula or Frankenstein  but others such as Ghost Rider and Son of Satan were new.

This issue takes of where Ghost Rider #2 finishes and sees Damion Hellstrom unleash his inner self. He truly is the flesh of the Devil himself and boy does he leave his mark as the action unfolds.

Setting off on his quest he ends up confronting Dad. the Devil in the bowels of Hell where he rescues Johnny Blaze (the Ghost Rider) and Linda Littletree (an Indian since you ask) from his fathers clutches.

Boy does he make an enemy.

The origin continues in the following bi-monthly issue where we learn more of Damion's origins through the diaries of his mother. She a beautiful young shy woman is seduced and married to Stan who appears to her in human form. In time she gives birth to two children a boy and a girl.

Discovering her husband teaching her daughter to sacrifice the family cat in the cellar, the Devils secret is out.

Damion's mother ends up in a padded cell and he vows revenge.

A war between father and son erupts with a vengeance.

This series ran for 13 issues in Marvel Spotlight, followed by a further eight of his own title. Always interesting but never strong enough to last for long Son of Satan has appeared in the Marvel Universe over the years. But these early issues are the ones to read.

As for his sister......


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