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Starblazer (1979 to 1991)

Starblazer (DC Thomson)

The seventies was the era in which science fiction finally became mainstream Star Trek had its first movie, there was Alien but most of all there was Star Wars. The comics industry was quick to cash in and Starblazer was one of the longer lasting results of this boom.

A monthly (eventually twice monthly) title these were self contained complete short stories in a "pocket book" format (Digest for US readers, though not quite the same as their range of tiny reprints) which were familiar to boys (and girls) who purchased the myriad of picture libraries that made up a large chunk of the British comic books market at one time.

This was a title I missed at the time and have only just "discovered so picked up three editions to "test the water " so to speak and it proved well worth the dip!

The earliest issue I got hold of was #3 which featured a story called Alien Attack featuring viruses from a comet, aliens being controlled by parasites and the Earth in danger of enslavement. Rather fun I thought!

The other two issues Alien Battleship in #126 and Deadly Pilgrimage in #149 were entertaining enough and certainly this series looks worthwhile picking up. Like all these types of series the stories and art  are variable (I thought #126 a little weak, in part due to the simplistic writing style) but not every comic book story is a master piece like every other genre of entertainment there are not so good moments.

But I recommend this comic. Most of the later issues are very reasonably priced where you can find them on sale.

Starblazer lasted 281 issues from 1979 to 1991.


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