Tuesday, 21 July 2015

DC Oddity: Superman True Brit (2004)

Superman: True Brit (DC Comics)

Kim Johnson & John Cleese (w) John Byrne & Mark Farmer (a)

As Krypton explodes a rocket containing a bay is sent into space. Destination Earth, the British Empire to be exact.

And so it lands in Weston-Super-Mare. where a young Kal-El is found by Mr & Mrs Clark who load the rocket on top of their car and take the baby home. If any one sees anything they'll just deny it.

The adventures of Colin Clark begin.

What will the neighbours think?

A story of Cricket and tabloid smears begins as Colin graduates University to work for the Daily Smear in the big city.

Did I mention Colin managed to impale a fellow with a cricket bat? Never mind that will be relevant later on.

Still despite hiding his powers from the world Colin decides to put on the uniform with the big "S" in the middle of a union jack on his chest and saves the day. Nothing good will come of this you know. The tabloids are watching.

British Superman

J.J. Jameson? You ain't got nothing on Mr Whyte-Badger who owns all 400 newspapers here in jolly old blighty. Check the facts? That's against Whyte-Badger policy you know old chap.

You never cross the Smear y'know. Not if you want your secret identity protected. Especially if former page 3 girl Lois Lane's British cousin is on yer case.

And a certain Bat-Man. (See that previous cricket related statement was relevant, told you to pay attention).

File:Bat-Man True Brit 001.jpg

Anyone seen Basil? Oh wait wrong sketch.

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