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DC: 5 Star Super-Hero Spectacular (1977)

5 Star Super-Hero Spectacular (DC)

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One of the most fondly remembered DC formats was the "Dollar Comic" an experiment in producing larger comics with more pages to attract new readers and encourage retailers to give these more of a prominence on the shelves. At the time a "normal" comic would cost 30 cents. It was a bold experiment but one that simple inflation would eventually bring to an end.

This particular issue is of interest as it is a "one off" designed to test the market with compilations of DC's heroes other than Superman, though he was destined to have a "spectacular" the next month.

A solid read this comic features The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, Aquaman and Batman.

The Flash feature is a sort of imaginary story that sees another Flash like hero created in the same accident that created both himself and the Kid Flash. Something is different this time and it's dangerous.

The Green Lantern and Atom stories are pretty average fare, but Aquaman faces an Iranian super-villain who wants to recreate the Persian Empire.

It is the last (and longest) story that will be of interest to fans.

Batman faces Kobra in what appears to be an attempt to tie up loose ends from Kobra's failed solo title. Kobra is of course a villain.

Marketed as a "Summer Special", this is a fine addition to anyone's collection.

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