Sunday, 24 February 2019

Judge Dredd - Mechanismo (2000AD/1993)

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Judge Dredd - Mechanismo (2000AD)

John Wagner (w) Colin MacNeil & Peter Doherty (a)

Judge Dredd is currently facing up to the return of the Robot Judges in 2000AD so when I spotted this trade on sale in my local comic shop I thought I'd pick it up to see what happened last time. I was not disappointed.

With a shortage of Judges following the deaths during Necropolis a decision has been made to put robots on the street to act as Judges. They've used Joe's personality as a base so nothing can go wrong can it?

Of course there will be teething problems but as Joe Dredd points out machines cannot have possibly have power of life and death over humans he is proved right as components overheat and they all go out of control one by one.

They eventually get them all back for refitting and possible rehabilitation but Dredd thinks otherwise when one of the robots, number 5 comes alive and the rampage begins.

Great story, great art. If you can find a copy or it's been reprinted in one of those "Essential" editions grab a copy. Meanwhile don't forget it's all happening again in Mega City 1 now isn't it...

Originally printed in Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol 2) #12-17 and #22-26


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