Monday, 25 February 2019

Tales to Astonish #66 (Marvel/1965)

Tales to Astonish (Marvel)

Stan Lee (w) Bobby Powell (a/Giant-Man) Steve Ditko (a/Hulk)

Another of Marvel's "double feature comics and not one I had much interest in probably due to a mixture of pocket money and availability. I only remember buying #98, though did pick up a few Sub-Mariner & Hulk comics after they went their separate ways.

The change of Hank Pym from Ant-Man to Giant-Man and a costume change was the attraction of this issue as I'd never read one. Madame macabre was an interesting villain even f as it turned out her powers were hidden in her hair piece. The shame! A cameo appearance by The Mandarin showed the Marvel Universe maturing.

The Hulk story was a sad one set in a generic communist country and this was the cold war after all. The Cuban Missile Crisis was still fresh in peoples minds and my parents did tell me later on when I was old enough to understand that they went to bed one night wondering whether they would ever get up again. Scary times indeed.

The Hulk drawn by Ditko was a joy as were his early issues which I had in a little paperback booklet which I still have a copy of on a bookshelf hidden by boxes of comics. One day if my eyesight is still OK to read the tiny print I may read it once again....

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