Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The Superheroes Annual 1980 (Marvel UK)

Lasting for just under a year and running for a straight 50 issues was The Super-Heroes weekly black and white comic. I like this format. Glossy cover with over-size art. It's a great package and although the comic had some rather random features from the Silver Surfer to Giant Man which were published out of chronological order it's worth picking up.

What I didn't know until I came across a couple was that there were Annuals published long after the demise of the original title. This particular one contains three stories. Thor, The Silver Surfer and the Sub-Mariner in complete random order from across the timeline of the Marvel Universe.

Nevertheless a good read in a nice edition though the decision of the editors to have a mixture of formats from black & white to full colour with some shading in between does jolt a couple of times. Sif look the same colour as the Lady Dorma, blue since you ask.


However this Annual proved a solid read as Thor enters Hela's realm to look for father Odin. The Silver Surfer faces some witches and the Sub-Mariner well he decides to leave his regal throne for the Sargasso Sea, that well known tourist attraction......

I did manage to pick a few of the original comics including the first and last issues .


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