Friday, 22 February 2019

New Releases: Guardians of the Galaxy, Judge Dredd Megazine & 2000AD

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (Marvel)

Donny Gates (w)  Geoff Shaw (a)

The second issue of the new look Guardians begins with a soul searching Peter Quill conversing late at night with Kittie Pryde of the X-Men at 4AM Earth Time. Peter then wanders around the ship taking bits & pieces to Moondragon and her lover and then finding Groot and Cosmic Ghost Rider slugging it out. Amusingly bits of Groot have grown into'll see.

The search is on for Gamora the woman who killed Thanos but Peter Quill and and team are not alone and Hela is on the scene. Who will lead them to Thanos and where is the evil one hiding after he died and in who?

A stepping stone to wider action with good characteristic so if you are like me and have been out of touch with Marvel for a while things are beginning to make sense. Stick with this great series.

Rating: 4 stars

There was only one comic waiting for me at 30th Century comics so got a few back issues which I'll share with you shortly. However this week also saw the arrival of my subscription copies of Rebellions great comics. First up the Megazine.

Four great stories starting with a new multi-part adventure for Judge Dredd in Planted. This sees some escaped super-vegetables rampage through Mega-City 1 and the Judges can't stop these muties. Who are they and who are they after?


Then there's the sad tale of Lawless in glorious black & white. Are the Khind not what we thought? Judge Stone continues her investigations in Green & Pleasant Land set in Brit City. The Dark Judges have a real suprise for us all in The Torture Garden.

Then there's Blunt II, well you can't like them all.......

Rating: 4 Stars

The latest Prog sees Joe continuing to oppose the return of the Robo-Judges. I'm enjoying this so much I grabbed a collected edition of Mechanismo from my local comic shop and devoured it in the Hospital waiting room yesterday (always take. something to read!)


Skip Tracer is getting interesting and Grey Area continues, never been able to get into that one but the rest of the comic includes a complete Future Shocks story: Grave Negotiations. What goes round comes round, no?

All is rounded of with  Jaegir who finds herself in The Bonegrinder without hope! What will she do? Pity they killed off Rogue Trooper (and Strontium Dog while we are on the subject) but the blue trooper is going to get a movie can't wait.

Rating: 4 Stars

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