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Brave and the Bold # #57 (DC/1965)

Brave and the Bold #57 (DC)

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Brave and the Bold is probably remembered for being the Batman team up comic by most readers but there was a time when like Showcase it was a try out title. Amongst those appearing were Hawkman, the (original) Suicide Squad and even the JLA! This edition however introduced one of my personal silver age favourites Metamorpho: The Element Man!

This first story introduces the reader to the main characters Rex Mason, Sapphire Stagg, multi-millionaire and untrustworthy git, Simon Stagg and Java a genetically modified Neanderthal that is a love rival for Sapphires attentions and forever trying to get rid of Rex. 

Rex is a popular adventurer working for Simon Stagg with a large following amongst the ladies though he only has eyes for Sapphire (this was the moralistic bent of the time). Returning from yet another adventure he parachutes into Sapphires car and avoids the formal welcome upsetting all & sundry.

Plotting revenge and not approving of his daughters relationship with Rex comes up with a plan. He sends Rex with Java to obtain the mythical Orb of Ra in a missing pyramid. The plan is to leave Rx behind but Java has more sinister plans...

Following a plane crash  the pair enter the pyramid and eventually find the Orb. Java wacks Rex and departs trapping him inside. Meanwhile old mechanisms whirl and Rex goes down on a stone elevator to find himself face to face with the meteor that the orb was made from. One strange and painful event later Rex wakes up and finds himself transformed.

Metamorpho: The Element Man is born.

Returning to the U.S. Rex wants revenge but Stagg has other ideas and sets his henchmen on Rex. Eventually our hero defeats Stagg who promises to find a cure. The adventures begin, but neither Simon Stagg or Java can ever be trusted.

Metamorpho appears in the following issue of Brave and the Bold and gets his own bi-monthly series which ran for 17 issues between July 1965 and April 1968.

Every issue I could get hold of was a joy to read for this young fan. Still worth reading and collecting today.


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