Saturday, 22 September 2018

Justice League America #127 (DC/1976)

Justice League of America #127 (DC)

Gerry Conway (w) Dick Dillin & Frank McLaughlin (a)

When I grabbed this comic at random from my collection I just couldn't recall the story so it seemed like a good proposition to read.  The story The Command is Chaos sees the JLA get somewhat of a pasting from the gang of costumed non-entities led by..The Anarchist.

The villain is kidnapping world leaders babbling that he wants "Anarchy and Chaos" whilst "humiliating the JLA".  "No one in the World can srop the Anarchist". Ego or what. Trouble is as our heroes find out he has the ability to defeat them. Superman, Green Arrow, The Red Tornado and the Flash are all taken down in quick succession.

Meanwhile Hal Jordan, Earths Green Lantern is sleep-charging his Power Ring and is unaware of his actions. Are these events connected?

Of course they are but we don't find out until later on.

Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Steve (forget his surname) go to see a religious gathering where Simon Elis is preaching and healing. Is there a connection with the Anarchist?

Of course there is and when Superman learns of  Green Lanterns problems, Kal makes the connection and try to power down the ring, which doesn't work due to a safety feature. The solution is obvious.

So Superman KO's Hal Jordan and the team head off to rescue Batman, Black Canary and the world leaders beating the Anarchist as he loses his powers and his flunkies fail.

Not one of the greatest JLA stories I've ever read but it passed the time of day which was quite late really. This issues just for completists I'm afraid and I'm a big JLA fan.

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