Friday, 7 September 2018

Forbidden Gallery #3 (ACP Comics)

Forbidden Gallery #3 (ACP Comics)

(w) & (a) Various

The latest issue of Forbidden Gallery is on its way to stores in due course and I was lucky enough to read an advance copy thanks to the publishers. There are five short stories in this modern version of those House of Mystery, or pre-superhero Strange Tales comics that we used to buy. A lot of British readers will be more familiar with the massive black & white anthologies put out by Alan Class.

First off is China Bull by William Mull with art from Aileen Oracion which see the comics "host" Archimedes get into a spot of bother with some ne'er do well.

A mild mannered bank executive finds himself in a double fix as his new wife is kidnapped and he gets held up by a murder of crows. Scattercrow: Night of the Long Tallons is a life transforming horror by William Mull with art by Karl Comendador.

Nicola Cuti treats us to The Vampires Wand next with art by Nik Poliwko sees a struggling magician gain fame with a wand purchased from one of those curiosity shops that seem to lurk in many a story. Sometimes it's not magic that is needed.

A body in a beauty parlour leaves detectives dumbfounded. They know what happened it's all recorded on a cellphone but no judge or jury would ever convict. Turnabout penned by Roger McKenzie and art from Dan Day brings you  an unforgettable tale of revenge which isn't always fraught with danger.

Science fiction and ancient sorcery meet in the final tale of a journey to heaven in The Necronauts by Ed Devore & Von Grimm with pencils by Portaveritas. My personal favourite.

This comic gets better with every issue. I just wish it came out more often!


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  1. is it just me...or does the cover look a little
    "Dr Strange'ish"?

    1. Hi Vincent!
      Archimedes is his own unique character, but we purposely paid homage to the dearly departed Mr. Steve Ditko, with the hand gesture. :)
      Hope you enjoy!
      William Mull
      Editor, Publisher
      ACP Comics