Saturday, 1 August 2015

Smash Annual 1974

Smash! was the sole survivor of the Power Comics line published by Odhams Press in the sixties. Taken over by Fleetway in 1969 the comic was radically changed so as to fit in with their line of their comics such as Lion and Valiant.. Only the much loved  Swots and the Blots survived as a regular humour strip.

The new look Smash! didn't last that long even under new management but was actually quite a good comic. Ending in April 1971, the Annuals continued to be published until 1976.

This edition cover dated 1974 would have actually been released in 1973 (the date gave it a longer shelf life as was the normal and continuing practise of British publishers).

Like all British titles of this period it was a mix of humour, adventure and features including a look at the days of steam trains and the Olympics. Olga Korbut, Mary Peters anyone?

The influence of the old "Power line" was there in some of the humour strips including Percy's Pets and the retitled The Horrors and Puffing Billy their teacher which was reprinted from the old Wham! comic ten years earlier! In those days it was called Super Sir!

One of the best remembered characters was Janus Stark.

Smash! was merged with Fleetway's flagship title Valiant in 1971.


Smash: A complete revamp under Fleetway.

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