Saturday, 18 April 2015

Back Issue (Magazine) #79

Back Issue #79 (Tomorrows Publishing)

One of the few remaining magazines about comics (due to the dawn of the Internet) is Back Issue magazine which features comics from the "Bronze Age and beyond", covering the seventies and eighties.

The latest issue covers the Charlton Action Heroes and in particular their resurrection by DC comics.

The opening article gives a short, but comprehensive history of the Charlton line from the time the publishers met in prison to the characters sale to DC for a mere $5,000,


As is now known Alan Moore wanted to use these characters for his now classic Watchmen series, but DC had other plans for them which included new adventures following the equally classic Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline that helped bring comics to the fore in the eighties.

The two main heroes covered in this issue of the journal are Blue Beetle and Captain Atom.


Both these comics are well worth collecting and I certainly enjoyed them. You should be able to pick up copies at quite reasonable prices from your local store.

Two other heroes appeared in mini series which are also covered in this issue but were less well received, not too keen on them myself if I'm honest. These were Peacemaker and Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt.


Is it me or does Peacemaker remind you of a Cyberman?

Of course you can't publish a magazine about the Charlton heroes without an article about the Watchmen and that actually rounds off the issue.

Back Issue magazine is published 8 times a year so watch out for themed issues in the Magazines section of Previews.


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