Friday, 10 April 2015

Marvel Flashback: Daredevil #66

Daredevil #66 (Marvel Comics)

Roy Thomas (w) Gene Colan (a)

And one cried murder!....

And lo, the story continues from the previous issue as Daredevil wanders around Los Angeles trying to solve the murder of an actor in a TV series.

Did I tell ya Karen Page the woman he loves is in danger?

And just who is Brother Brimstone?

To be honest the story seemed a little bit Angela Lansbury with superheroes thrown in but this is early Marvel madness from 1970 when I found Daredevil much more interesting than today's take on the character.

Netflix has just launched a Daredevil TV series, don't have access myself but it's getting good reviews, but then anythings gotta be better than that film...right!

Meanwhile a reminder of Daredevils first costume:

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