Saturday, 4 April 2015

Convergence #0 : Every DC story matters


Convergence #0 (DC Comics)

Dan Jurgens & Jeff King (w) Ethan Van Sciver (a)

And so it has already begun. 

This story takes place towards the end of the recent Doomsday saga which ran across the Superman titles, except it didn't because it takes place outside of time and space. Not that Superman remembers.

Inside a black hole exists a world. A world of collected cities from across the multiverse as we discover placed there for study by Braniac and cared for by a new villain that has only known existence through Braniac.

His "master".

And his "master is missing".

The God Machine launches the weekly Convergence series with no less than forty 2 part tie in mini series.

Everything DC has published will matter.

Probably said too much already but with a "straight forward" story line and excellent scripting & artwork the adventure begins.

Only the strongest will survive we are told.

Superman is the key. He was the first and greatest of the heroes.

Now a selection from the past to point you to the future:

Atomic Knights (1960)                       Worlds End (2015)

Crisis on Infinite earths (1985)      Shazam (1940)

Blue Beetle (1967)                           Freedom Fighters (1976)

Flashpoint (2011)                           Kamandi (1975)

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