Sunday, 26 April 2015

DC Spotlight: Ghosts #97

Ghosts #97 (DC Comics)

Writers & Artists (v)

Ghosts was a fairly long running title published by DC comics from the seventies to it's final issue in 1982. Not one of DC's better "horror" books (in my opinion) but one that was worth occasionally worth dipping into.

This issue from February 1981 is notable only for it's short story featuring Dr 13: The Ghostbreaker vs The Spectre, one of my all time favourite DC "superheroes" who I fondly remember from his short lived solo series back in the sixties.


The story is serviceable as is the rather mundane art. This title was used for lesser known artists and writer to give them a try out but with the Spectre still in his Jim Corrigan incarnation, the feature is worth a brief read.

The other three stories are the usual ghostly affair and soon forgotten. There have been better issues.

The Spectre reappears in the following issue.

Frankly The Spectre deserved better!

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