Friday, 3 April 2015

DC Spotlight: Sgt Rock #326

Sgt Rock #326 (DC Comics)

Robert Kanigher (w) Frank Redondo (a)

Sgt Rock was one of the more popular American war comics, originally appearing in Our Army At War #83 in 1959, but didn't "take over" the title until the seventies when the comic was renamed simply Sgt Rock.

Like his Marvel rival, Rock and Easy Company seemed to appear of every theatre of war possible. From North Africa, to Italy, France, the Pacific and even the eastern Front, Rock and his men were there fighting Nazi's or Japs.


I was prompted to pick up a copy of this series when my local comic shop announced they had obtained a long run of this title and it's predecessor. However the issue that caught my eye was a rather odd story, not normally associated with the character.

Sgt Rock goes to the future.

Or did he?

Collapsing in a cave he finds himself awoken by robots a thousand years later.  And guess what? He's smack, bang in the middle of another war, this time involving robots and flying saucers.

Of course Frank wins the day, but comes round back in the cave when picked up by his squad. Did the story really happen?

Who cares. These are comic books after all!

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